RESCAR-AOC accelerates its deployment


RESCAR-AOC has set up a working group to facilitate the process for its legalization and renewal of its planning and programming document. The terms of reference of this working group include, among others: selection of the host country, preparation of statutes and governance documents, mapping of members, definition of convergence criteria for institutional members, preparation and organization of the general assembly, and submission and follow-up of the legalization file.

This working group is composed of Prof. Tunji Arokoyo, Foday Jadama, Nestor Ngouambe, Virginie Touré-de Baglion, Nguessan Kouakou, Simplice Davo Vodouhe, Florent Okry, Jean de Dieu Nitiema, Calixte Mbeng, Nathalie Bogui Konan and Patrice Djamen.

It will accelerate its work as of May 2020 and will also steer the implementation of activities to accelerate and consolidate the deployment of RESCAR-AOC which are structured around: governance consolidation, knowledge management, capacity building, strategic dialogue and networking. The detailed programme of different activities will be circulated to members and partners by May 9th,  2020.