3rd Agricultural Extension Week: The Durban Declaration


The 3rd AFAAS Africa wide Africa Agricultural Extension Week (AEW) took place in Durban (South Africa) from 30 October to 03 November, 2017 on the topic: “Scaling Up Climate Smart Agriculture: Integrating Youth, Women and the Digital Revolution”.

The event was attended by more than more than 700 representatives from 40 countries. After deliberations, participants call upon all actors in Agriculture Extension and Advisory Services (AEAS) to take actions that will scale up Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), specifically: integrating youth and women in CSA. Key actions identified include: (i) scaling up ICTs in CSA; (ii) scaling CSA technologies and innovation; (iii) scaling capacity development for CSA; (iv) scaling Knowledge Management for CSA and (v) scaling innovation and entrepreneurship through CSA.

It was decided that the 4th AEW to be organized in 2019 will be hosted by the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire and RESCAR-AOC.
The full version of the Durban Declaration issued at the end of the 3rd AEW can be downloaded here.

The Durban Declaration is avalaible here