10th – 31st October, 2017: E-conference: Efficiency and Sustainability of Country Fora


E-conference: Efficiency and sustainability of Country Fora

In the current context of pluralistic agricultural and rural advisory services (ARAS), Country forum (CF) are emerging progressively as a major actor with the potential to significantly contribute to more effective ARAS and vibrant agricultural innovation systems (AIS). However, the potential of CF is not yet well-known by most AIS actors, and preliminary lessons of its operationalization in West and Central Africa (WCA) raise excitements but also concerns about its efficiency and sustainability.

RESCAR-AOC is organizing  an e-conference with the objective to raise awareness on Country Fora of agricultural advisory services  (CF) and facilitate learning and experiences sharing to gather useful elements for sustainable and full harnessing of their potential. The conference will run for three weeks (10th – 31st October, 2017) and is articulated around three sub-themes: (i) Country forum: Added-value in the existing innovation systems, pathways for efficient establishment (theme 1); (ii) Efficient functioning of CF (theme 2); (iii) sustainability of CF and strategies for scaling and achieving greater impacts (theme 3) The language for the e-conference will be English and French.

RESCAR-AOC operates under the tutelage of AFAAS and GFRAS with the vision of “efficient ARAS mobilized in line with the demand to facilitate sustainable development in West and Central Africa”.

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