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THE 4th AFRICA-WIDE AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION WEEK 2019, 25th – 29th November, 2019, Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

The African Forum for Agricultural Advisory Services (AFAAS) is organizing, in partnership with the West and Central Africa Network of Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services (RESCAR-AOC), the National Agency for Rural Development (ANADER) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cote d’Ivoire, the 4th Africa-Wide Agricultural Extension Week back to back with the continental Agricultural and Animal Resources Fair (SARA) under the theme “Private Sector and Agricultural Advisory Services: What Synergies for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Africa” from 25th to 29th November 2019 in Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire).

The AFAAS Africa Wide Agricultural Extension Week (AEW) is an international event that brings together averagely 600 participants from across Africa and the World to take stock on a strategic theme for a better contribution of agricultural extension and advisory to sustainable development in Africa. Its purpose is to facilitate processes for improving the use of knowledge, technologies and innovations by agricultural value chain actors to achieve their individual and national development goals.
The context of the 4th AEW is characterized by growing efforts at national, regional and international levels to make agriculture in Africa more productive, profitable and sustainable. This transformation expected to lead to increased technical, economic and environmental performances of agricultural value chains entails a paradigm and operational shift from farming for subsistence to farming for business i.e. sustainable wealth creation.
The theme of the event is: “Private Sector and Agricultural Advisory Services: What Synergies for Sustainable Agricultural Development in Africa”.

Goal of the event:   Diverse value chain actors including policy makers, youth, women, and other key AEAS professionals develop strategies for navigating round the knowledge barriers preventing AEAS from effectively supporting the engagement of the private sector in sustainable agricultural development in Africa.

Objectives of the event: 

  1. To deepen the understanding of the roles of AEAS in creating synergies between the private sector and rural farmers
  2. To facilitate continued professional networking and learning of AEAS actors in Africa
  3. To enhance the knowledge base on how AEAS can promote agripreneurship by the youth and women in agricultural commodity value chain
  4. To develop capacities for Agripreneurship and Value Chains development in Africa
  5. Outline strategies to enhance efficiency and sustainability of private sector – AEAS platforms

Further and updated information on the event will be released frequently from end of April 2019.

2019 GFRAS Annual Meeting, 30th September-4th October 2019, Jamaica

Save the date! The 10th GFRAS Annual Meeting, whose topic is « Role of RAS in Climate Change & Disaster Risk Management » will take place in Jamaica between 30 September and 4 October, and registration for the event will open soon, at the end of April. The concept note will also be available then. Side Events are planned to take place on September 30th, the main meeting between October 1-3, and a General Assembly on October 4th.

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24th European Seminar on Extension and Education

18. June 2019 – 21. June 2019, CREA – Centro di ricerca Olivicoltura, Frutticoltura e Agrumicoltura – Acireale, Italy

The conference will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences among researchers, technicians and others who are involved in Extension and Education. We would like to exchange thoughts about the development of our field and to look forward towards the future.
The overarching theme of the conference is « Agricultural Education and Extension tuned on innovation for sustainability. Experiences and perspectives ».
The ESEE 2019 will offer the opportunity to discuss the new roles and functions played by Extension and Education within interactive innovation frameworks. Together will analyze which enhancement of skills and capabilities are necessary and which approaches, methods and instruments are useful to improve the effectiveness and impacts.

ESEE will specifically focus on policy and governance frameworks and will explore the experiences aimed at supporting « enabling environments » for innovation.

For more information on the seminar click here


Rural Advisory Services in West and Central Africa : Challenges, policy recommendations and agenda for the future

This side-event of the 9th GFRAS Annual Meeting is organized by CIRAD, RESCAR-AOC and GFRAS with the support of AFD (Agence Française de Développement) and DLEC (The Feed the Future Developing Local Extension Capacity project funded by USAID) and will take place on October 22nd 2018.

Advisory services are back to agenda in Africa to address crucial issues such as poverty alleviation, food security or climate change. These advisory services are changing rapidly due to the emergence of new players, especially farmers’ organizations and private sector, and new technologies of information and communication. In this context the role of the States is changing with challenges related to the governance of pluralistic advisory services, new sustainable funding mechanisms and a huge demand for capacity building.

The objectives of the side-event are:

  • Identification of the characteristics and main challenges for Rural Advisory Services in West and Central Africa as emerged from results of two recent studies (one funded by AFD and carried-out by a consortium CIRAD-Inter-Réseaux-IRAM-CER France, another one funded by USAID and carried out by DLEC) ; these studies will be complemented by inputs of participants based on their own experiences;
  • Identification of ongoing initiatives where we will give room to other actors operating in the region to come and share their points
  • Discussion about policy recommendations based on the two recent studies ; we will be able to fine tune the recommendations for policy makers and donors
  • Discussions about potential synergic actions around the key points of the diagnosis. We would really be interested in actionable follow up in the region following the side event.

People interested to attend are kindly requested to send an email to and by 5th October, 2018 the latest, for organizational purposes.

9th GFRAS Annual Meeting 23 – 25 October 2018, Jeonju, Republic of Korea

The 9th Annual Meeting of the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) will take place from  22-25 October 2018 at the headquarter of the Rural Development Administration (RDA) in North Jeolla Province, Republic of Korea, with side events on 22 October. The Annual Meeting will be preceded by a meeting of the Asia Pacific Island Rural Advisory Services Network (APIRAS) as well as a sub-regional meeting of the Rural Innovation Centre for Knowledge and Investment (RICKI).

The topic of the GFRAS Annual Meeting will be “Addressing Challenges and Seizing Opportunities: Developing Effective Partnerships in RAS”. Co-organisers and hosts are RDA and APIRAS.

Meeting Objectives

Building on the experience of previous GFRAS meetings, the capacity assessments of GFRAS regional networks, and on the expertise, knowledge, and experiences of participants, the three objectives of the 2018 Annual Meeting are to:

  • identify and define good practices, best-fit approaches and strategies to develop, strengthen, and maintain effective partnerships in RAS, with a particular focus on smart technologies, financing, and collaboration across stakeholders;
  • identify and define ways to build the capacities needed at different levels and by different stakeholders (policy, research, education, extension, farmers) to develop, strengthen, and maintain effective partnerships in RAS; and to
  • identify and define the roles and capacities needed by GFRAS and its regional RAS networks to play an important and meaningful role in developing, strengthening and maintaining effective partnerships.

Find out more // pour plus d’informations, cliquer ici

Cartographie des membres du RESCAR-AOC, Octobre – Novembre 2018

La vision de RESCAR-AOC est : « des services de conseil agricole et rural performants mobilisés en adéquation avec la demande pour faciliter le développement durable en Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre ». Son objectif global est de contribuer à l’amélioration des performances et de la durabilité des services de conseil agricole et rural.

La cartographie des membres du RESCAR-AOC vise plusieurs objectifs : actualiser et affiner les bases de la programmation des activités, faciliter les apprentissages et les échanges d’expériences et d’expertise, constituer des pools d’experts autour des questions prioritaires pour les membres du Réseau et identifier les domaines prioritaires de développement des expertises/renforcement des capacités. Les données collectées permettront également d’engager la préparation de l’Assemblée Générale de RESCAR-AOC envisagée en 2019.

Les membres actuels et toutes les personnes et structures qui adhèrent à la vision de RESCAR-AOC sont priés de remplir le formulaire suivant : version française du formulaire /  version anglaise du formulaire. La durée totale du remplissage du formulaire est de 20 min.

Symposium international de la FAO sur l’Innovation agricole au service des agriculteurs familiaux, 21-23 Novembre 2018, Rome, Italie

Le symposium international de la FAO sur l’innovation agricole au service des agriculteurs familiaux: libérer le potentiel de l’innovation agricole pour atteindre les objectifs de développement durable (ODD) est une réponse directe et résolue de la FAO aux encouragements enthousiastes de ses États membres. Ces derniers confortent son rôle actif en tant que catalyseur et son soutien pour l’autonomisation des petits agriculteurs et agriculteurs familiaux par l’innovation agricole.

Les objectifs du symposium sont:

1.    Servir de plate-forme mondiale de connaissance et de partenariat pour mieux comprendre le potentiel de l’innovation dans l’agriculture pour répondre aux Objectifs de développement durable (ODD), en s’intéressant spécialement au soutien des agriculteurs familiaux et des petits agriculteurs;

2.    Accroître la compréhension des moteurs de l’innovation et des principales contraintes à l’innovation pour les agriculteurs familiaux;

3.    Proposer des processus, des moyens et des actions nécessaires à la libération du potentiel de l’innovation dans l’agriculture au service des agriculteurs familiaux et étendre les innovations à tous;

4.    Célébrer les réussites édifiantes de l’innovation et les innovateurs dans l’agriculture familiale;

5.    Agir comme catalyseur pour augmenter les partenariats ainsi que les investissements publics et privés pour encourager et étendre l’innovation agricole.

Ce symposium adoptera une approche multisectorielle, englobant l’innovation dans les différents systèmes de production et les chaînes de valeur des secteurs des cultures, de l’élevage, de la foresterie et de la pêche. Environ 400 participants sont attendus représentant des gouvernements, des organisations intergouvernementales et des acteurs non étatiques.

plus d’informations sont disponibles sur le site web du symposium


Sommet 2018: Jeunes Entrepreneurs Agro-pastoraux, 17-20 Juillet, Yaounde, Cameroun

Le Ministère de I’ Agriculture et du Développement Rural (MINADER) et le Ministère de l’Elevage des Pêches et Industries Animales du Cameroun (MINEPIA), le Fonds International pour le Développement Agricole CFIDA) et PROCASUR lancent une invitation pour participer au Sommet International de Promotion de l’Entreprenariat Agro-pastoral des Jeunes 2018. Le Sommet sera accueilli par le Programme de Promotion de l’Entreprenariat Agro-pastoral des Jeunes (PEA- Jeunes) et se tiendra à Yaoundé au Cameroun du 17 au 20 juillet 2018.

Les jeunes entrepreneurs et leurs associations, les équipes de gestion des projets de développement, les décideurs et représentants des gouvernements locaux et régionaux, les représentants du secteur privé et des ONG sont invités à manifester leur intérêt pour participer au premier Sommet Agro-pastoral des Jeunes 2018.

La version française de l’appel à manifestation d’intérêt est disponible via le lien suivant: sommet 2018: Jeunes Entrepreneurs Agopastoraux

La version anglaise est disponible ici : Youth Agro-pastoral Entrepreneurship Summit, 2018